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January 2011 Retreat – Boogey While You Scrap!

Posted on: February 13, 2011

Chris Morrison - Scrumptious Scrapbook Retreats Best Promoter!

Chris has introduced her sister, her niece, and her work associates to our retreats! She suggests time saving ideas like ordering Close To My Heart products before the retreat, Jammies all day so you can crop till you drop (even though she accessories her jammies with a scrapbook pin – no lie look closely at the pin on her top in the photo above) and she LOVES the Tuxedo cake that we serve on Friday afternoons.

Linda Pruden our quiet smiling scrapper

Linda doesn’t say much while she is scrapping, but she makes beautiful pages!!

Lori Baumgarten designs beautiful corporate interiors and well as really interesting pages

She can really boogey too as she demonstrated  during Saturday Night Fever on the oldies station!

Brenda Gauper shows a page from one of her fabulous trips!

We all need to sneak into Brenda’s RV for her next trip!  She and her husband go to the National Parks and hike and take gorgeous photos.

Angie is the hardest working person I know! She is the one that originally invited her mother, Brenda, to just try a retreat and they have been regulars ever since.

Angie’s first album, a gift to her husband, was of her honeymoon.   During her compilation of that album she discovered the joys of using a Cricut machine to embellish her pages and now…

Angie, our Queen of the Cricut

Now she is working on an album for her daughter, who was the most beautiful newborn I have ever seen (including my own daughters – hope they don’t read this)!

Lori & Brenda smiling while they work!

Are they smiling at Chris starting the Saturday Night Dance Party while she scraps?!

She wasn’t dancing alone for long…

Lori teaching Angie how to Boogey

We had a wonderful time! It was a smaller group so we moved to a different location that worked out perfectly!

Come Join us at March Retreat at the Griffin Center in Portland, Oregon. We will feed you and make sure you have a great time with friendly scrappers!


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