Scrumptious Scrapbook Retreats

March Retreat was Scrapbook Heaven!

Posted on: March 17, 2010

It is unanimous that the Griffin Center is scrapbook heaven! We had a great time last weekend, scrapping to our hearts’ content with plenty of table space and good light and scrumptious food.

“This is my first retreat. This has been so much better than I had visualized. I thought that I would come just one time to join my daughter…NOW, I would like to come 2 – 3 times per year!” This is the ecstatic comment of Brenda Gunderson, who discovered at the March Scrumptious Scrapbook Retreat, that scrapbook retreats are great way to spend time with her daughter, get her pages completed and to meet many nice people.

A good time was had by all! Hope you’ll join us for the April retreat at the Griffin Center!

Enjoying Scrumptious Food

Once again, the Roasted Vegetable sandwiches for lunch and the Corn & Black Bean Salsa were a big hit. The recipes are archived on this page. And the Tuxedo Cake was a big hit, but next time we will eat it earlier in the day so the chocolate doesn’t keep us awake all night!

You Say a Waterfall Card is EASY?!

Patty Loynd reassured us that making a Waterfall card is easy. It only looks complicated.


1 Response to "March Retreat was Scrapbook Heaven!"

This was the best scrappbook retreat I have ever been to! The Griffin Center IS scrapbook heaven! Lots of space to spread out, wonderfully scrumptious food (although next time I’ll watch the chocolate intake so late in the evening) and everyone was so fun to be with! I will highly recommend it to all my scrapbooking friends!

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    • scrumptious scrapbook retreats: Hi Joy! If you click on This Month's Retreat at the top of the home page, you can see the list of prices. There are half day options, full day options
    • Joy Rutherford: Hello Dee...this is Joy R, Shelley G's sister. We are are planning on attending the March 2012 retreat-woo hoo! I have a friend from up here on the
    • Wendy Henderson: The event was so much fun! Next time I will stay longer than a day for sure or at least until the wee hours LOL! Everyone was so friendly and welco


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