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Shannon Huffman of Damascus won a $10 gift certificate to A Joy Forever Scrapbook Store by entering the Scrumptious Scrapbook Retreats drawing at the Gresham store. Shannon must be a lucky name!

For those scrappers in the Portland and Salem, Oregon area that would like a chance to win a $10 gift certificate to A Joy Forever Scrapbook Store or Whimzee’s Scrapbook Studio, all you have to do is drive to one of the stores and look for the Scrumptious Scrapbook Retreats drawing box. The entry blanks are on the box. Fill one out and enter to win!!

Happy scrapping and shopping Shannon!


Shannon Wilson of Clackamas won A Joy Forever Scrapbook Store Gift Certificate by putting her name in the Scrumptious Scrapbook Retreats drawing box at the store! Congratulations Shannon! Happy shopping!

   When you look through your scrapbooks, do you find that you accomplished most or your best creative work when at a retreat? I do. Why is this so? Well, for me, it  is because it takes me about an hour for my brain to shift in creative mode. So at a retreat, I have plenty of time to get in the groove and then I’m really productive. Another reason is because, I am forced to gather my project materials and photos together by a deadline. Without the deadline, I don’t sit down and order the photos. The third reason is that at a retreat, I have uninterupted time that I have “given myself permission” to spend scrapping. At home, I feel compelled to put the laundry, business, and household responsibilities ahead of creative time.

   So print your photos, gather your supplies and let us take care of the details so that you can “get it done” while enjoying scrumptious food! Join us January 15th & 16th.


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  • scrumptious scrapbook retreats: Hi Joy! If you click on This Month's Retreat at the top of the home page, you can see the list of prices. There are half day options, full day options
  • Joy Rutherford: Hello Dee...this is Joy R, Shelley G's sister. We are are planning on attending the March 2012 retreat-woo hoo! I have a friend from up here on the
  • Wendy Henderson: The event was so much fun! Next time I will stay longer than a day for sure or at least until the wee hours LOL! Everyone was so friendly and welco